Do you know there are Zones of Defensible Space? Living here in Northern California, it’s probably a good idea this Winter to brush up on our Defensible-Space knowledge. Adapting to Wilderfire culture means doing everything we can to help our properties be as safe as possible. Maintaining a Defensible Space is the law, and it will make a critical difference in a wildfire. Property owners are legally required to maintain certain Zones of Defensible Space, all the way up to our property lines.

There are five Zones, ranked as Zones 0-4. Zone 0 is closest to your house 0′-5′ and that should be zero vegetation and zero flammable material. Zone 1 is 5′-30′ and you want to keep that ‘lean and clean.’ Zone 2 is 30′-100′ and at a minimum you want to keep that weed whacked and/or mowed. Zone 3 pertains to access around and over your property. Yes, we are responsible for vegetation adjacent to roads and driveways because access roads are critical for evacuation and First Responder access. Maintenance on this is required year-round. Fire fighters trying to save you and your house but can’t because their truck is obstructed, is not a positive survival strategy. Most would agree, being rescued is an opportunity not to be missed out on. And finally, Zone 4 reflects where your property ends and your adjacent neighbors’ and friends’ properties begin. If Wildfire has taught us anything, it is that we are all in this together. We need to work together to protect our land and to protect our lives. To start getting control of your Zones, call our office and schedule a free estimate!